Sabine Anton

Sabine Anton is the Principal and Founder of Sabine Anton Productions, in New York City.

Sabine, born in East Berlin, remembers a happy childhood until her West German relationships were used to block her admission to college. She asked for permission to leave the country legally, but was denied. Her many attempts ended in an 18 months sentence spent in the notorious Bautzen prison. She was accused of violating the law by distributing information that could ruin the global reputation of East Germany! Sabine was eventually freed in 1987 by efforts of the United Nations, and she moved to West Berlin, where she studied Design.

After living in Asia for 4 years, and arriving in New York City in 1995, Sabine found her way into reporting.

Her very first TV interview was with Richard Branson. Her next segment was for a 60 Minute-type German TV program about psychopath research that she produced for Europe’s largest TV network, RTL. This was the beginning of her prominent role as a freelance producer/reporter for RTL Television.

Sabine’s thirst for knowledge and a can-do-anything attitude has helped her to build a very successful production company in New York City. She extended her portfolio beyond working for RTL TV and now also produces biography, charity, and business films.